Keep Tabs on Unoh Labs

2006-04-19 06:20:36 +0000

Unoh Inc. the innovator of creations introduces the grand opening of Unoh Labs. Unoh Labs is where you can keep tabs on what’s coming next of Unoh Inc.’s services. New business ideas under construction will be introduced to you from this lab in a demo version until it’s up and running for good. Unoh Inc. is devoted to constantly providing refreshing Internet services. Be sure to check it our from time to time to be posted on Unoh Inc.’s latest projects. Below are introductions of what’s already been taken place at Unoh Inc. Don’t miss it!

I Icons

Make and personalize your own signature icon with Unoh Inc.’s “Icon Editor”.

I spy jSpy

jSpy introduces you to the world of Japanese tech—some, you’ve never imagined!

Make a Boom with Kanabun

Stimulate your brain with Kanabun by forming simple words with the given Japanese alphabet. Great for entertaining kids and friendly to foreigners who are trying to learn Japanese.